I wish my cats were like that…??….


Is this cute or what I wish my cats were like this but there not all they do is fight when they see each other what can I do to stop them fighting I dont think much but oh well….

 Image: ‘How are you darling?
How are you darling?

9 thoughts on “I wish my cats were like that…??….

  1. Hi Meg 🙂
    That photo is really cute! 🙂
    How many cats do you have? 🙂


  2. Hello Meg,

    I wish my cats were like that too. At my nans there is 6 cats, and one cat has his own bedroom because he fights with a lot of the other cats.

    And at my house I have 3, they all really do not get along. But they have to live with each other anyway..

    Obviously my family is a cat family.. except for one dog. Do you have any other animals besides cats?

    Cinda 🙂

  3. thanks yes i do have other animals 1-pig 2-dogs 25-chickens 6-ducks about 500-cows and 3- guinea fowls and i want a ferret i working on dad for that one but its good my dad had one when he was about 11 or 12 so i have a chance….. from meg

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