5 thoughts on “Water…………….

  1. Hi Meg 🙂
    That’s a funny picture 😀 Do you have any cats? 🙂

    Meridith 🙂

  2. Hi Meg,
    Your cats sound very grumpy and not very well behaved! Which animal do you prefer – cats or dogs? or do you like them equally?
    I like both but must admit to being a dog fan. I like that you can go walking with them and they are good to give cuddles to.

    Miss C

  3. I love both because cats are nice and cuddly but dogs are fun and cute so it is to hard for me to chose

    from meg

  4. hi meridith yes I do have cats I have 3 1 boy and 2 girls the to girls are siska and isabella and the boy is arnold

  5. Hi Meg ,
    That picture is so funny and cute at the same time !
    Your blog looks awesome . I love your cursor !
    From Darcy

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