My favourite thing!

Isabella my cat…….

Isabella is my cat she loves me and only me she lives at my mums so when i go to my dads she gets sad  and when i go back she gets all mad at me Izzy is really fat but i love her,her favorite food is chicken and same with me so we have some thing  the same and we are both fussy.

Nelly/whinnier my dogs at my dads……

-Nelly is brown and she is big strong but really nice she can sit,drop,roll over and beg. she is smart i love her her favorite thing is a big old belly rub.

-whinnie is black and she is still a puppy but she is sick she ate rat poisson but shes OK Whnnie is very play full and funny/clumsy she is fun to play with.

Gabi- Gabi is my best-est friend and she has brown hair we almost spend every week end together at school she is in my class and we are going  to the same high school which is awesome at our school we sit next to each other together people some times call us megabi or murgatroyds.



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